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official inspiration/ask blog for liam schwartz
Jul 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you mean ליאם? Because ליאב would be "Liab"

i meant what i wrote

its liav, not liab

Jul 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

What do you do in your spare time at university besides text Milo??

im still living with my dad, i spend a lot of my free time at home

sometimes when im having trouble sleeping at night and alfons is home we’ll go out and ill get coffee (i know, counterproductive) and he’ll get a beer but thats really only once in a while

plus alfons disappears a lot

other than that i honestly dont have much spare time these days

Jul 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you think your mom would have liked Milo? And do you get on with Milo's mom for that matter?


i have no idea actually, thats kind of unsettling to think about

not unsettling meaning creepy exactly i just mean its something thats never really occurred to me to think about

i remember mum was always very social, she was very … affectionate lol, but she never talked to me about anything like dating or sexuality, i was too young. who knows really?

ive never met milo’s mother so i have no idea, but from what ive overheard i dont think shes especially thrilled that i exist lol

ah well. i like him well enough either way :-9

Jul 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you have a Jewish or Hebrew name?

ליאב בן אלי

Jul 14 '14

murayou asked:

Is there an official story on why Jojo has no eyes? Like was he born with it, did they get scratched out as a kitten, etc.

dunno, he was like that when i bought him and he was a little less than 8 weeks old then so i always assumed he was born without them

Jul 7 '14

anxki asked:

what are you doing? havent seen you for a while and missed you. and: could you give me a style-advice? how do you select your clothes? just one colour a day?

trying to write an essay

by select do you mean pick them out in the morning, or when i first buy them? if you mean the latter, i buy entire outfits in one go, just to make sure i have something that matches them. i used to buy things a piece at a time if i liked them, but then i found my entire wardrobe had small fragments of outfits that didnt go with anything. if by pick them out to wear for the day, i usually just put them together on my bed first to make sure the outfit as a whole looks coordinated together. monochrome outfits are fine sometimes if you dont mix too many patterns or dont wear things all too close to one shade, but a splash of a brighter complimentary color can tie an outfit together nicely and offset too much of one thing

i wish my essay was on my wardrobe wtf ive literally now got more words written for an ask about trousers than i do for this paper due tomorrow

Jul 6 '14

Anonymous asked:

What would you do if you suddenly became a millionaire?

suddenly spend it

Jul 3 '14

Anonymous asked:

Would you ever become a male stripper, and would you give lap dances? I'd pay a lot of money to go to every single one of your shows. ;)

im not even mad, im just surprised you actually think this is a good idea

pretty sure im significantly more attractive with my clothes on, which is the fundamentally worst thing you could be if your profession were to take your clothes off

thanks for the super weird flattery though i guess i kind of appreciate it

Jul 2 '14

Anonymous asked:

Would you get jealous if milo started to hang out with other people more than you?

i started to answer this question with a joke, but tbh im so genuinely unamused that someone might actually take me seriously if i was sarcastic about it, that i decided not to after all

if you are jealous that your significant other is talking to or hanging out with people who aren’t you, then you should do some deep, sincerely introspective thinking about what is going on in your life that you feel you need a solid iron control on everything another human being does.

Jul 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

so you would choose jojo over milo?

im glad we’re all on the same page about what a joke is

Jun 28 '14

Anonymous asked:

If you had to only choose one thing, would it be Jojo or Milo?

jojo is a cat, milo is a human being

so jojo clearly

im joking, im joking, god what do you think i am some kind of psychopathic misanthrope?

dont answer that

Jun 18 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you watch any anime

ive caught an episode of a show here or there on the few occasions i watch telly late at night, but i dont watch enough to say i actually watch a particular series

to be honest with you, i dont suppose i could even name the ones ive seen episodes of. erm ……. there was one that had something to do with space? a group of friends in space maybe? there was a dog

Jun 18 '14

Anonymous asked:

What type of swimsuit does Milo wear? I feel like he would wear a speedo ;)


ive never gone swimming with him so im not actually sure but that certainly is interesting to imagine!!

im tearing up laughing

Jun 18 '14

Anonymous asked:

if you and milo werent dating, would you try to date another man or go back to girls?

neither, really

i dont mean that id never date anyone again, but i honestly don’t think i’d “try” very hard to get into another relationship unless i met someone i was very interested in. and then i imagine their gender would be less important to the equation than their personality

Jun 18 '14

Anonymous asked:

How do you plan to stay in touch with Milo now that you guys have graduated ?

i imagine much the same way i used to? phone, texts, that sort of thing

meeting up and going out together when the stars align

or at least when our schedules align