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official inspiration/ask blog for liam schwartz
Sep 17 '14

Anonymous asked:

how tall are you? i always kinda imagined you 5'5ish like daniel radcliffe ^///^

im 5’7”

Sep 4 '14

Anonymous asked:

Just curious, why didn't you take the chance to move in with Milo under the guise of a "roommate"? Is it that your Dad wouldn't fall for it or more along the lines of you two aren't at that stage yet?

i didnt want to?

so i guess “not at that stage yet”

i think milo was pretty excited to get his own place and live on his own, and i dont have a job currently and want to focus on school. plus.. idk i just think moving in together complicates things in a way im not really interested in right now

im sure my dad would buy the whole “we’re roommates” thing too but its stressful enough to feel like im lying now, that would just require me to tell even more lies

i dont know, ill think about it later, i have a paper due

Sep 4 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hey don't want to be nosey but what's your phone background cover :-3

what do you mean? the background on my display screen?

its blue ? it can be a different thing?

Sep 4 '14

Anonymous asked:

are you SURE that's was a question? Is this a question?

the previous one definitely was, but this one im not so sure about

its a mystery

Sep 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

is this a question?


Aug 13 '14

mentallynotstable asked:

Looking in the past: How did you feel when you punched Milo in the face?

pretty awful

Aug 13 '14

rasmusdk97 asked:

How long have you guys been dating?

little less than a year

Aug 12 '14

taliatheotaku asked:

HI YOU'RE AWESOME Okay awkward compliment time over I actually have a question XD So, considering you seem to know Milo quite well, does he have any little habits or quirks that nobody else knows about? If so, which of them do you find endearing? OwO)


hes really into the number 3 i guess? i dont know how to explain it because its a little weird but he like.. eats things in groups of 3 pieces, or buttons 3 buttons on his shirt and leaves the rest, or if he has 7 things he’ll throw one away or hide it to have groups of 3… if he has 6 hairclips and takes them out he puts them in piles of 3… .etc… etc….

i dunno if id call it endearing it just sort of. is. i cant even tell you how many times hes complained to me about his work vest because it has 4 buttons

Aug 12 '14

rasmusdk97 asked:

What do you love the most about Milo?

his in-your-face personality

Aug 11 '14

Anonymous asked:

does milo have any embarrassing bed habits?? please its killing me

its killing me too

no i mean literally. sometimes he rolls over on top of me in his sleep and latches on like im flotsam and hes drowning

it makes it very difficult to breathe.

Aug 6 '14

Anonymous asked:

any past experience with @Kaufman flicks? Eternal Sunshine, Being John Malkovich, Synecdoche New York, etc.

if by experience you mean watching them, yes

eternal sunshine was fantastic and is one of my favourite films of all time

Jul 28 '14

annanndstann asked:

Can you speak German fluently? Both of my grandparents were Germanic (Switzerland and Austria) but my German is very rough.

not fluently, no

barely at all anymore, actually, it falls out of your head after a long while of not using it. so same boat, im afraid

Jul 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you mean ליאם? Because ליאב would be "Liab"

i meant what i wrote

its liav, not liab

Jul 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

What do you do in your spare time at university besides text Milo??

im still living with my dad, i spend a lot of my free time at home

sometimes when im having trouble sleeping at night and alfons is home we’ll go out and ill get coffee (i know, counterproductive) and he’ll get a beer but thats really only once in a while

plus alfons disappears a lot

other than that i honestly dont have much spare time these days

Jul 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you think your mom would have liked Milo? And do you get on with Milo's mom for that matter?


i have no idea actually, thats kind of unsettling to think about

not unsettling meaning creepy exactly i just mean its something thats never really occurred to me to think about

i remember mum was always very social, she was very … affectionate lol, but she never talked to me about anything like dating or sexuality, i was too young. who knows really?

ive never met milo’s mother so i have no idea, but from what ive overheard i dont think shes especially thrilled that i exist lol

ah well. i like him well enough either way :-9